Over 150 Years Combined Experience

National Title Company has the experience and knowledge to provide the services you will not receive from other title companies.

About NTC Title

We are located in Dayton, Ohio and service properties throughout Ohio. Our staff will answer all of your questions, even before the purchase contract is signed. All title searches are done immediately, so we can notify you right away about any issues that need resolved before closing. We have the expertise to handle almost any situation. National Title Company has a large network consisting of commercial, residential and hard money lenders; as well as, appraisers, surveyors, property managers, et al. We are always finding new ways to help you grow your business!



Paper checks and wire transfers can finally be a thing of the past with National Title ePay! Now, delivering funds for your next real estate transaction is easier, safer, and quicker than ever. Note: There is a convience fee of  $10.00 charged for using Paymints.io’s digital platform to send any funds including earnest money. If you prefer, we still accept paper checks and wires.

See what National Title ePay offers:

  • Fully Electronic, Encrypted, & Secure
  • Initiate a Transfer within 90 Seconds
  • Connect to Any Financial Institution in the US
  • Never Share Routing or Account Numbers
  • Accessible 24/7

Scan the QR code below and begin using National Title ePay

Networking Breakfast

Our next Breakfast will be held Thursday, October 12, 2023 at the Yankee Trace Golf Clubhouse.A breakfast buffet will be served at 8:30am followed by the speaker(s) at 9:00am speaking about commercial deals, ABAs, and various other real estate topics. Feel free to email us in advanced anything you would like to discuss or you can ask at the breakfast.

If you haven’t already, please RSVP by Wednesday, October 4, 2023 by emailing ricky@ntctitle.com or calling 937-291-4201.

The Breakfast will be Sponsored by Westcor Land Title Insurance Company
The #1 Indepentdent Underwriter in the Nation.