Title Examinations

A title examination is preformed for all closings to ensure that the property title is legitimate. This is done so that the buyer is reassured that they are the rightful owner of property they are purchasing. National Title Company does a thorough examination of the property records to confirm that the seller does own the property legally, and that no one else can claim full or partial ownership of the property. We search the county recorder’s office for outstanding mortgages and liens, as well as for restrictions, easements, leases or other issues that may impact the property or it’s owners.

We search the county clerk of courts records for outstanding case judgments. We search the county treasurer’s office for unpaid taxes and confirm the tax figures and assessments. We search the federal bankruptcy recorders when a situation warrants us to do so. We have several title examiners on staff whom are highly experienced, and therefore pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and accurately issue our Title Reports and Title Commitments.