Title Commitments / Recording Services

Quick turnaround time for Title Commitments

While we are not able to guarantee Title Commitments in a certain amount of time, it is our goal to provide speedy service on all title orders. If you have not received your Title Commitment within 3 days, please contact our office immediately. This will ensure that your order was received, and will allow for an explanation, should the title exam have issues that are causing a delay in release of the commitment.

Recording Services

National Title Company handles the recording of all legal documents involved in our closing transactions. This is a service that we provide with no additional fees than those charged by the county.

The current recording fees are $28.00 for the first two (2) pages and $8.00 for every page there after. There is a $0.50 additional fee per parcel on Deed recordings. Some counties charge a cross-reference fee for Assignment and Release recordings.

(Please note that any recording taking place outside of a closing transaction may be charged a handling fee.)